Ngha Beng Kwokum Linus+ COYAC

Ngha Beng Kwokum Linus is an African artist who works with children and youth at the Community Youth Arts Centre (COYAC) in Cameroon, Africa.  He is seeking collaboration, exchange, and the sharing of knowledge with people who have similar interests.  His project involves young people addressing climate change,  environmental problems and HIV/AIDS through all forms of the arts (painting, music, dance and choreography, storytelling, drama). Those who are interested in working with Ngha Linus and his colleagues (through donations of art materials, or moral support, or financial support) should contact him and his Community Arts Centre at:  or  To read more about their work please check

Ngha Beng Kwokom Linus
Bobo Leennox Arts and Design
Community Youth Arts Centre (COYAC)
P.O.Box 955, Mankon-Bamenda
237 North West Region
Cameroon. Tel. +237 77 68 17 32


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