USSEA/InSEA Child Art Exchange


Online Gallery
This on-line exhibition of children’s artwork sponsored by the United States Society for Education in the Arts (USSEA). This project is designed to celebrate diverse activities and ideas within art education and is open to all USSEA and INSEA members.  We believe that art is an important aspect of the aesthetic, emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth of children and young adults. Teachers can submit student work with to share with colleagues around the world in activities that promote peace, encourage tolerance and express their passion for art. We hope to begin a dialogue among members of USSEA, parents and teachers about the pedagogical and aesthetic impact of art in the lives of children and young adults.

Call for artwork
There are two topics for this project:To participate in the exchange contact:
Topic 1: “What Art means to me.” Work that shows the joy and enthusiasm art reflects and engenders.
Topic 2: “Peace and Tolerance through Art.” Work that deals with these issues from the perspective of the eyes and hearts of children and young adults.

Have your students create artwork based on this topic.   Send digital images of the work (jpeg or gif) via email, or CD.   We may also be able to link to your images on the web.   Send the link with permission to link to your page. Please include a brief statement about the context or goals for the work– assignment, community project, or exhibition.   Identify artwork by grade level or age, title, and media.

To participate in the exchange contact:
Candice Schilz, Ed.D.
Chair, Child Art Committee

Alice Arnold, Ed.d
Member Child Art Committee


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