This international exhibition is a part three of the project How to communicate feelings in the medium of digital photo?

It was preceded by the Project’s second stage exhibition Feeling of pain in artwork of students aged 12 – 19 expressed in the medium of digital photo, held in December 2011 at the Miele Gallery in Zagreb.
The Project’s first stage, an introductory one, which addressed the educators and their own sensibility for dealing with the issue of feelings, ended with the international exhibition Feeling of pain in artwork of
women artist-educators (…), held in November 2010 at the Izidor Kršnjavi Salon in Zagreb.
The Project has raised a certain number of questions to be considered,
such as:
How to communicate feelings in visual arts, particularly in digital photography as a means of artistic expression? How important is communication of feelings today? What is the role of art education/art
educators/artist-educators regarding these issues?
The aims of the project are as follows:
i) to encourage the recognition of one’s own/other’s feelings, the exchange on feelings, both visual and verbal, the expression and communication of true feelings in visual arts/children and youth visual arts activities,
and finally, to help young people develop better understanding of one another, as well as solve their own problems more effectively,
ii) to do research on art forms used in expressing feelings, particularly the feeling of pain/joy in the digital photography created by students aged 12 – 19.

The phases of the Project were so far presented at the 33rd InSEA World Congress in Budapest, Hungary, 25 – 30 June 2011, the InSEA European Regional Congress in Lemesós (Limassol), Cyprus, 25 – 27 June 2012, in
seminars for art teachers in Croatia, and in several articles.
A call for entries for the new project and two exhibitions, Send a visual message in the medium of digital photo, in 2013 for students aged 12 – 19, and in 2014 for artist-educators, has been recently announced.
More information about the projects and exhibitions can be found at,http://www.insea.org, etc.


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