A New Purpose-Built Educational Resource


From the producers of the popular Australian TV show ‘Inside Art’, this new Education DVD Series features top Australian artists and gallerists in rare and candid interviews.

This must-have collection provides unparalleled access to artists, helping educators develop key links between artworks, artists, art making, art concepts and the art world

• Written and produced to work with the curriculum
• Highly relevant, focused and insightful
• Beautifully filmed and produced
• Each DVD 45-50mins

Just play, watch and learn.Includes downloadable transcripts of interviews with artists, bios and photos, developed in context – social, cultural, conceptual and contemporary artistic impact.

Relevant, focused and powerful teaching tool for secondary art students.
Teachers’ notes based on schools’ curricula, prepared by Marian Strong.Register NOW for more information

Copyright © 2012 MIRO FILMS, All rights reserved


3 responses to “A New Purpose-Built Educational Resource

  1. Trying to register for the Inside TV DVDs but do not have a UBC username and password – the link takes me straight to the staff email page.

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