Feeling of pain in artwork of women artist-educators expressed in the medium of digital photo

The exhibition is a part of the complex project How to communicate feelings in the medium of digital photo?
The Project is expected to explore and find out answers to following questions:
How much is expression of feelings important in contemporary society (at the global, regional, national level)? Moreover, how important is maintenance of traditional culture and establishment of a new culture of expressing feelings, with particular emphasis on possibly the most difficult feeling to accept – the feeling of pain?
What is the role of visual arts education in seeking answers to these questions, within aesthetic, cognitive and emotional components of artistic education?
We are deliberately leaving open the following questions:
Is expression and research of pain out of date in contemporary art? Or, on the other hand, is it in these turbulent times just current, and in which artistic media is it so?

However, we try to focus on a more realistic range of the area that these questions form:

What is the role of artist-educators in seeking answers to these questions? The term “educators” here brings together upper primary and secondary school teachers, and higher education teachers of both sexes. They all have in common a profession in visual arts field and engagement in visual education. 

BOL-PAIN dig ph WAE 2010 – CATALOG


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