International Arts Education Week May 20-26 (Week 7 Installment)



What you can do to celebrate (week 7 installment): 

1. Check out this short, fun promo video for the culminating project of Kate Collins’ dissertation study at The Ohio State University.

2. Create and post your own!


Watch for more ideas coming next week!



4 responses to “International Arts Education Week May 20-26 (Week 7 Installment)

  1. In Portugal , APECV will make an official opening of the week the 19th May , with artistic actions in the beach at Porto , we invite everyone to come .

  2. The opening of enREDadas exhibition) will be in Madrid, Spain, during the UNESCO arts education week 21-27 May 2013.

    The enREDad@s exhibition is an international collective travelling exhibition open to 150 artist/teachers from all around the world curated at transnational level by Dr. Ángeles Saura (UAM: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) with the help researchers/curators from 9 different countries. The exhibition will be organized during the year 2013 using the Internet platform : E@ ( The exhibitions accepted artworks in digital forms created by artists/teachers to be reproduced in digital and printed forms. The enREDad@s Exhibition is also part of an art education research project aiming to trial artistic processes as didactics in teacher education.

    In each country , or region one local exhibition for artist/teachers will be organized by one local curator between January and April 2013. The local curator organiced his own exhibition with their own local theme. Each curator had to ensure an exhibition space (gallery, etc.) and print resources in colour and B/W of the artworks sent by artist/teachers( size: A4). After the local exhibition, the curator have the responsibility to send a report of the exhibition to Dr. Ángeles Saura – the report may be a video (1-10′) and a poster about the local exhibition , by 1 May 2013. The main exhibition ( transnational) will display the reports of the different local exhibitions ( posters and videos) in the Internet and in the UAM gallery (La Corrala). The opening of the main exhibition (enREDadas) will be during the UNESCO arts education week 21-27 May 2013. The main exhibition might also be displayed in other universities art galleries or other public galleries in each country or region if you invited us (
    We have partners in 23 offices in 9 countries.

    Support :

    – Transnational resources: Departamento de Educación Artística de la Facultad de Formación del Profesorado y Educación de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

    – Local coordinators resources

    – The curators and artists/teachers will collaborate in the project for free , according to Creative Commons licences ( enabling the reproduction of the works displayed in the exhibitions)

    Ángeles Saura- Madrid, 9 abril 2013

  3. tentarei descobrir a melhor forma de Aplicar a Educação pela Arte nas minhas disciplinas de Expressão Dramática e Teatro Animação/Intervenção
    durante a semana e participarei no facebook.Pode ser.
    Grato pela iniciativa

    José Gil
    Prof. de Teatro da ESE/IPS/Portugal

  4. em Setubal /Portugal tentarei criar um movimento continuo entre as aulas para professores do ensino básico animadores de intervenção cultural, tradutores e interpretes de lingua gestual e promoção artistica durante toda a semana esperando que a arte seja um desafio a mudança deste estado permanente de crise.

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