Upcoming: A.L.I.C.E. Final Conference at Bucharest!

A.L.I.C.E. – Adult Learning for Intergenerational Creative Experiences 





Upcoming Conference:
24-25 October Bucarest, Romania
Registration Open!
Transforming the Educational Relationship: Intergenerational and Family learning for the lifelong learning society
Download the Programme of the Conference ▶ HERE
The conference’s scope:
Transforming the educational relationship: adults learning for intergenerational creative experiences. The conference aims to be a space for reflection and discussion of researchers, trainers and policy makers interested in the field of adults’ education.
No fees required. The conference is supported by ALICE consortium and the European Commission.
Organised by the Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning and the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice in the context of the Lifelong Learning Programme-GRUNDTVIG project ALICE (Adults Learning for Intergenerational Creative Experiences).
In cooperation with the Italian Society for Educational Research (SIREF). Best papers submitted  are eligible for publication at the SIREF’s Journal: European Journal of Research on Education and Teaching – ISSN 1973-4778 (press) ISSN 2279-7505 (online)
Keynotes speakers in 2 Plenary Sessions will address several crucial issues in the field of intergenerational and family learning:
  • Intergenerational Learning at the cutting edge: putting the basis for new forms of lifelong learning
  • Creative Languages as base for Intergenerational Learning
A Session devoted to ALICE project outcomes:
  • ALICE project at Glance: re-inventing intergenerational and family learning through creative languages
2 Research strands in several speakers presentations:
  • Transforming the educational relationship: intergenerational and early child learning for the lifelong learning society. Practices and ideas from the ground
  • Professional development and interventions for intergenerational and family learning
Poster presentations, Virtual presentations & Showcase:
  • Interact with researchers and practitioners from several EU countries from home.
  • Access all Conference presentations
  • For more details go to ▶
A workshop:
  • Open Educational Resources for Adults’ Education: promoting adults trainers’ „open” professionalism
  • For more details go to ▶
Come and join this active professional and academic community at Bucharest!
A.L.I.C.E. – Adult Learning for Intergenerational Creative Experiences

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