5th International week of arts education

The International Society for Education Through Art-  InSEA  is one of the founders of the World Arts Alliance and main partners of UNESCO for arts education.
In name of the International Society for Education Through Art, InSEA  I wish to congratulate KACES’s celebration of the  5th International Arts Education Week  and reinforce KACES role in  promoting  excellency in arts education  all over the world  before and after  Seoul Agenda  for Arts education. We need to continue to cherish and develop art education in our educational systems, because the arts
are a major domain of human experience. Through the arts students explore different ways of understanding the self and the others. The arts provide spaces to communicate, express and introspect, find personal and social meaning, explore and experiment the plurality of realities. Furthermore arts education have a special role to play in the education of XXI centuryin contributing to local and global awareness of cultural, environmental and humanitarian concerns.

Viseu, Portugal, 02-05-2016 

Teresa Torres de Eça
InSEA President


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