For the 5th International arts education week from Let’s Art Youth Art Center, Seoul, Korea


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 I have been always interested in finding and expressing self-identity as an artist and art educator. In this April, I have created and conducted a large interactive art piece with youth in Korea and the USA as International collaborative installation.

This work was created by me as a main artist yet more than 30 students age from 5 to 16 created visual images to put it together on clear plastic papers. My message is that we are living in the world that both children and adults who can share our dream and co create imaginary world which we would like to share.

By sharing and collaborating images, it actually understand different cultures and different dreams as a large stained glass mural like installation by using transparency, lights, shadows and colors are continuously changes and evolve for 3months at the Court Memorial Library at Otterbein University, Westervill, U.S.A


Andy Yeonsung Lee, Principal of Let’s Art Youth Art Center, Seoul, Korea





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